Community Base Adult Day Services in Twin Cities


Metro Senior Center service include a wide range health related resources.  The Center works closely with many community health partners, family members, and variety of resources to better serve our participants.  


The following are daily service activities that available for our clients:


  • Transportation from and to the Center
  • Health management / medication management
  • two full meals (breakfast and lunch), take home meal available
  •  companionship   
  • exercise programs and out door field trips
  • games, daily activities in/out doors and many field trips through out the year.

 The Center provides nurse onsite. It licenses for Adult Day Service, Transportation and Restaurant to better serve our clients in every day life.

Our mission

is to promote and deliver services that respect and respond to ethnic, cultural, and individual differences by developing and providing long term care service to the needs of physically challenged and elderly people. 

Following highlight some activities that we work closely with our participants: 

  • motivate senior to participate in indoor and outdoor activities  
  • creating exercise program that fit with individual 
  • partnership with community health programs
  • continue education for respect of eastern believe and  open to accept western medication

Our Members

come from a range of ages and ethnic background around the Twin Cities.  Our center delivers service that respond to  these minority groups:  Hmong, Laos, and Thai.

Our background

Song Vang and Chong Yang have more than twenty years of health and home-base community service experience working with senior and disability.  We recently move to St. Paul on August 2019. The center continue to adapt programs to better serve different ethnic families and focus of one common interest "healthier living".  

We are proud to serve the communities that we love and respect since 2004.